Lawn care is not just about mowing regularly. Yes, mowing your lawn is necessary to keep it looking nice and neat, but there are other aspects you need to remember. Let us take care of the mulching, fertilizing, trimming your trees and bushes, and removing any unwanted trees or bushes to keep it all fresh, healthy and looking beautiful.

Lawn Care and Mowing are essential for a healthy lawn because

  • if kept at a healthy height of 3″ it will protect your lawn from excess amounts of rain as well as cold weather
  • it keeps your lawn manicured, healthy and looking it’s best
  • it will reduce the chances for pests such as chinch bugs or grubs
  • it will reduce the number of weeds

Fertilizer helps your lawn stay healthy by

  • promoting new root and leaf growth
  • aiding full recover from foot traffic and any pest damage
  • controlling weeds
  • replacing the nutrients lost from grass clipping removals and leaching

Trimming or pruning your trees, plants and flowers are essential to

  • promoting new growth by allowing more light in
  • eliminating hazards such as broken branches
  • allowing the plants and flowers more room to bloom
  • the overall wellness and beauty of the tree, plant or flower