Landscaping is a essential tool when trying to give your home that much needed makeover. Nothing will give your home that amazing curb appeal like a new landscaping project. Gator Maintenance can offer ways to spruce up your home by installing a new lawn, building new flower beds, and planting plants, trees, and flowers in creative designs. From small to large landscaping project, Gator Maintenance has the experience and equipment to assist you.

The benefits of installing new sod are

  • the new sod will instantly produce a healthy lawn
  • there won’t be any patchy areas to worry about
  • less watering – new sod will not need as much irrigation as a seeded lawn
  • the sod is ready to go without having to wait for seeds to plant

Planting new healthy plants and flowers will increase your

  • curb appeal – nothing says wow like beautiful colors and textures around your home
  • emotional well being – flowers and plants have been proven to have a positive effect on people
  • air quality – plants are natural sponges and will keep your exterior (as well as your interior) free of harmful chemicals in the air
  • wildlife – you will see more birds, butterflies and hummingbirds

Tractor work (Bush Hog, Grading & Clearing) can be beneficial to

  • remove any dead bushes to allow growth to other plants
  • take an overgrown area and create a lush beautiful lawn
  • clear all areas that will be gaining new sod
  • open up the areas in your yard for new projects or ideas